Chettinad Chicken Kuzhambu (Authentic Chettinad Chicken Gravy)

August 24, 2013 at 8:16 pm
However much variety of chicken we cook, nothing can take the place of the traditional kuzhambu being made form the time old days. It is compatible with anything we have at home i.e., rice, dosa, idly, roti, chappathi or parotta.If you want the chicken recipe from a grand old lady of chettinad she will be well aware of this recipe only. This is the most favorite chicken item that I cook for all in my home. I too is very happy to cook this as I can escape without cooking anything else for the night and next day’s breakfast side dish. Moreover this is very easy to prepare also. So the younger people can have a go at this recipe. I am sure it won’t turn bad whatever mistake you make. I have already mentioned in my previous blogs on chicken that chicken was never marinated in chettinad before. It was because they used the regular chicken which took much time to cook and the there was time for the masala to get into the chicken pieces. Now we use broiler chicken which gets cooked very fast and if we do not marinate, the pieces will be blunt without any salt or hot taste. So we have to marinate the chicken for any kind of preparation. This Kuzhambu is very easy and tasty if prepared in the pressure cooker. So cooker can be used. Chicken will be cooked soft and the children and the old people will love it Ingredients Chicken-1/2 kg Small onion-30 or big onion-2 Tomatoes-2 (small size) Garlic-20 pods Ginger garlic paste- 2 teaspoons (I have shown ginger and the garlic needed) Chili powder-1 table spoon Coriander powder-2 to 3 table spoons (depends on the qty of gravy you need)
lemon juice-2 teaspoons For Marination Curd-2 table spoons (if there is no curd a teaspoon of lemon juice can be used) Turmeric powder-1 teaspoon Chili powder-2 teaspoons Salt-2 teaspoons Ginger garlic paste-1 teaspoon For seasoning Cardomom-2 Cinnamon-2 small pieces Clove-2 Birinji leaf-small piece Star anise-a small piece Mint leaf-little Curry leaf little Fennel seed-1 teaspoon For grinding (Too much of coconut will spoil the taste and will make the gravy look like kurma) Cocunut-2 table spoons Cashewnut-5 (Kas Kas was used traditionally, since it is difficult to grind cashews are substituted) Fennel seeds-1 teaspoon Method Wash the chicken pieces nicely Marinate with the items given in ‘To marinate’ Let it stay for 1 hour Mince the onion, garlic and tomatoes Grind the items in “to grind to a smooth paste Keep the cooker in the stove In 1 table spoon of oil season the kuzhambu with the items in ‘To season’ Sauté the onion, garlic, ginger garlic paste and tomatoes one by one nicely Add the marinated chicken and sauté nicely for 3 minutes Add the chili and coriander powder Add 2 to 3 cups of water (if gravy is thick water can be added latter also) Put the salt needed (Remember 2 teaspoons of salt was added while marinating) Mix everything well Close the cooker and put the weight Once the steam starts coming reduce the flame to medium Cook for 8 to 10 minutes Wait for the pressure to get released Open the cooker and add the grinded paste Let the gravy boil for 5 minutes Now if the gravy is very thick than the consistency you need, water can be added Check for the salt and hot taste and if any correction has to be made it can be done now If you find the gravy too watery even after 5 to 8 minutes of boiling little coriander powder can be added
Once everything is well mixed and the gravy looks perffect Switch off the stove
Add the lemon juice and mix well (Note that lemon juice should be added after switching off the stove else the gravy will turn little bitter) Your chettinad chicken gravy is ready Garnish with coriander leaves while serving