Dreadful language of politics

January 11, 2018 at 7:48 pm

People listening to TV news would hear the speeches of speakers of some political parties, calling themselves as ‘the only hope for country’, these days. The language used is nauseating and horrible to hear. The rough words used are equivalent to uneducated street thugs’ language, spoken with a lot of hatred and venom in the voice.

During our young days, politicians were highly disciplined and spoke with respect to others, and never uttered ‘oo’, ‘mu,’ ‘aru’ , ‘unta’, ‘munta’, etc., on a public platform. ‘Unuth ekai, munuth ekai’ phrase is always used, but it can be used nicely as ‘eyalayath ekai’ ‘ mema ayath ekai’ . Yesteryear politicians always referred to their opponents as ‘Mahatha’, ‘Ethuma’ etc.
If this type of language use is not stopped, there is no hope for our little children – they will also learn these indecent words. Politicians should speak giving respect to their opponents, irrespective of whatever the viewpoint they are trying to make. Why do they speak with so much venom and hatred – they can put forward their viewpoints in a better pleasing language, softly and quietly without shouting at the top of their voices in a rough language. They should spread the loving kindness even to their opponents. Hatred is never overcome by hatred.
There are so many rules and regulations for election candidates, but none pertaining to the use of the bad/indecent/colloquial language, or if there are any, they are flouted in public without any action being taken against the flouters.