His coming clean may trigger more jolts and shocks

February 12, 2018 at 9:38 pm


2018-02-07 09:45:40


Political surprises are galore these days. This story too could be a big surprise for you.

The mere mention of the bond affair may bring to your mind the picture of the young businessman now in a tight spot. Believe it or not! A rumour that went viral recently said this young man had been seen in an official mansion the other day. The rumour does not end there.
The young man now resigned to his fate, is said to have visited the mansion to make a clean breast of everything.
By the way, the very high political authority to whom the young man opened up has decided to tell the people in the country chapter and verse of what he had learnt which may trigger not only more surprises, but more jolts and shocks as well, they say.