Lanka Hospitals slams social media rumour mill

March 20, 2017 at 4:22 pm

Dr. Prasad Medawatte, Group Chief Executive Officer of Lanka Hospitals tore down the ‘malicious’ posts in the social media which circulated a story that several Maldivian patients admitted to the hospital with the swine flu had died in the hospital.

“The Lanka Hospitals categorically denies this baseless, malicious fabrication which is clearly designed to harm the good name of the hospital for obvious reasons,” he said.


“Twelve Maldivian patients were in fact warded at the Hospitals, out of which 10 were surgical and two were medical patients; and none with the swine flu. The rumors are malicious and defamatory aimed at tarnishing the positive image of the hospital. We continue to look after and treat our patients constantly ensuring a most reliable healthcare-setting which leaves no room for any infection to develop in the hospital”, he said.