Probe ICT connectivity

October 11, 2017 at 11:34 pm


There is much hype, these days, about ICT connectivity with Sri Lanka joining the Submarine Cable Network. Some providers talk of dual carriage technology etc.

Sri Lanka has grown from 2G to 3G and is now at 4G wireless technology using Radio Frequency. Some countries are testing 5G Technology. Studies are being made to use Light Wave Technology to increase speed, as light waves travel at a very much higher speed than radio waves. Since light travels in straight lines, Satellite Technology has been tested for functionality.


Those who travel overseas will notice that their smart phone batteries last longer than in Sri Lanka in certain ICT Developed countries. Download Speeds are very much greater and Sound Volume 50% stronger than here.


Those responsible at the Information Communication Technology Agency and Telecom Regulatory Authority should study and instruct technology providers to have their service improved equal to Advanced Technology countries. It is informed that the Speed and Gateways are controlled, as when Speeds / Gateways are controlled the Providers’ Income is Higher as the Subscriber has to be on line for a longer time


Over to you Minister of Telecommunication, ICTA and TRC




Chairman / MD


TradeIT (Pvt) Ltd